Gleis 44 at the Schillerstraße 44 in Ulm started as an empty train building and the idea of two very young guys – this place gave rise to a new cultural center the Gleis 44. It complements the cultural landscape in Ulm with new offers and bring together different groups, layers and scenes.

A good friend from the ask me to help the guys to design the Logo and Corporate Identity for this space. I came up with a simple but still attractive and young appearance for this new Space. The Logo and Poster Concept should be very simple, that you can reproduce it easy for e.g. with a just roll of Duck-Tape and some Paint. The Logo is a cross a symbol for the hub of Ulm’s youth culture. It´s a versatile CI and still continues to develop it has become alive and decorates the Club, the beer garden or the outside facade of the old building.